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Frank Viola, author, has devoted his life to the “the deeper journey.”

Viola first began using his writing talent as a host for a discussion bulletin board in the early 1990s where he would post articles for questions and response. Before long, he became a published author and has since written over 10 published books.

Knowledge and insight are central to his ministry, and when he is not writing books, he maintains a blog called “Beyond Evangelical.” In fact, blogging is a central part of his ministry today, as it allows him to freely share information and inspiration concerning interpersonal relationships and God.

It is noteworthy that Frank Viola author did not receive any formal training from seminary or bible college, choosing instead to study as an autodidact. This lack of formal training does not discredit his work, however; he has garnered support from renowned academics and theologians, and productively debated with scholars in his field. In this way, Viola stands in the lineage of people like A.W. Tozer, Charles Spurgeon, and G. Campbell Morgan.

Beyond Evangelical is not only one of the ebooks Viola has authored, but it is also the name of his main blog. In fact, the blog Beyond Evangelical is one of the most widely-read Christian blogs on the Internet. It was launched in 2008, and since it’s inception, Viola has authored over 800 unique, individual posts. While his published books focus on biblical exegesis, his blogging takes a more practical route. Much of it is considered scandalous in that it tips over many religions sacred cows.

Beyond Evangelical is a blog that serves to guide believers in their search for God’s eternal purpose and a deeper, more meaningful Christian life. One article series, “Rethinking”, is particularly well read. contains yet another blog that the author regularly maintains.

Blogging is hugely important to Frank Viola for a number of reasons. As previously noted, blogging is a chance to share thoughts that are spur of the moment, or have a need to be spread out over several weeks. They also can stay relevant in reaction to news and other happenings throughout the Christian world.

Frank Viola author also considers blogging a major part of his life, because he actually does not derive personal monetary benefit from his writings. Instead, he donates those earnings and proceeds to charities, or back into ministry for the betterment of the body of Christ. Because of this, the author has chosen to earn his income through blogging, through affiliates and advertisements on his site.

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