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Online Discipleship Course

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Frank Viola’s discipleship course is available.


Viola, MacArthur, and Strange Fire

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Strange Fire is being debated heavily right now. 

Frank Viola Author is making his reply to Fire available free for a limited time. See his blog at to get a copy.

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Frank Viola Author: Speaking

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Author Frank Viola is a speaker who is in demand at churches and conferences.

Viola speaks on many topics including the deeper Christian life, Jesus studies, radical church restoration, spiritual formation and mission.

Frank Viola Author

Frank Viola Author’s speaking ministry can be accessed from his podcast.

To find out where Frank is speaking or to invite him to speak at your event, click here.

Frank Viola


Click here for Frank Viola Author’s official website.

Frank Viola Author | Christian Books

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Frank Viola author has helped countless people deepen their relationship with Jesus and experience a more robust and authentic experience of church.

Frank Viola

Frank Viola author has written and co-authored a series of books on these themes, including the bestsellers God’s Favorite Place on Earth, The Day I Met Jesus, From Eternity to Here, and many other titles.

Frank Viola